About Us

Colorado trip planning can be as much fun as Colorado trip-taking. But it stinks to find the perfect destination and realize it’s 200 miles off your route.

Enter West with Kids.

We curate family-friendly outdoor destinations from real-life travel reports, along with the best trip planning articles in the blogosphere.

We color-code the destinations by region, helping you decide exactly where you want to be.

We create search tools, to help you find destinations based on the age of your children, family interests, style of travel, and more. Or use our Destinations Map to find more adventures along your existing route.

You’re welcome.

We want WWK to stay free forever. We’re not tracking you. We’re not selling ads. In the near future, we may offer travel planning downloads and itinerary building services. But we’ll never pressure you to buy anything.

If you want to give back some love, feel free to visit our contributors’ blogs and thank those hardworking authors. Or contact us to suggest a favorite Colorado destination!

Travel safely, and enjoy heading West with Kids!