Destination: Rabbit Valley

At a Glance

Rabbit Valley 250x250
In Rabbit Valley North of I-70, looking East

Rabbit Valley is a designated recreational area within the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area, near the Colorado/Utah state line. It’s about 30 minutes from Colorado National Monument and about 1.5 hours from Arches National Park/Moab. North of I-70, you’ll find free campsites and easy hikes. South of I-70, look for campgrounds, RV boondocking, and longer trails with canyon views.

What to Love

The area has two great hikes for younger kids, right off I-70.  The Trail through Time Dinosaur Loop is part of Rabbit Valley and lies just north of the freeway. If you have a little more time, a scramble on nearby BLM land (see a topo map for the old railroad grade north of Highway 6&50) will yield interesting stones and possibly a few fossils. Nearby Highway 6&50 is a cyclists’ dream: flat, straight, and very lightly used.

Where to Sleep

Camping is permitted only in designated areas.  Most of these are in campgrounds, but there are dispersed tent sites further south in the valley for high clearance vehicles. Boondocking RV sites are available in a designated RV area south of the freeway, or on a steep-approach bluff north of the freeway for the adventurous. Follow the gravel road that leads left out of the Trail Through Time parking lot.


Good to Know

This area fills fast on weekends. All designated campsites are primitive. In an overflow situation, continue west on I-70 to the Westwater exit to find BLM dispersed camping. Or you can backtrack for a hotel in nearby Grand Junction or Fruita.

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More to Explore

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Other Destinations in this Region

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