5 Ways to Narrow Down Your Colorado Vacation Itinerary

Too many Colorado adventures to shake a walking stick at?  What a great problem to have!  Here are some ways to narrow down an itinerary for your next trip.

1. By Region

If you try to tackle the whole state, you’ll barely have time to Instagram each breathtaking vista. To narrow your itinerary by region, first pick a home base. Then look for activities within a couple hundred miles.  Not sure what home base you want? Just throw a dart at a Colorado map and you’ll find a ton of local activities.

2. By Wishlist

Ask each family member for one “wish list” item and let yourself be surprised. Do you have a dinosaur nut on board? Plan your trip around fossils and dino-ventures. Are the kids crazy to see a cave? We’ve got lots of those.  A little one dreams of catching her first fish? Make it a sure thing and head for a trout pond. When my 4-year old asked to see a shooting star, we made plans to hit the Pawnee Grasslands on a meteor shower weekend.

Moab Giants Dinosaur Park, Utah

3. By Theme(s)

You can spend a whole vacation bagging outstanding vistas. Or you can throw the net a little wider and explore (for example), Ancient Peoples, High Deserts, Canyons, Cowboys . . . the list is almost endless. You don’t have to spend your whole vacation on a single theme, of course, but a theme gives you a place to start.

4. By Event

You can spin a Colorado vacation around some crazy fun stuff.  Examples include Telluride’s Fire Festival (January), Aspen’s Winter X Games (January), Larkspur’s Colorado Renaissance Festival (June/July), Steamboat Springs’s Hot Air Balloon Rodeo (July), or Free Entrance Days (selected weekends year-round) at one of our many national parks and monuments.

5. By Depth

Go deep and explore a personal interest or master a new one. Remember, it’s your vacation, too. To whip up the kids’ enthusiasm, find some pre-trip library books and documentaries. We’ve heard of trips devoted to exploring petroglyphs and pictographs. There’s a ton of geologic history on the Colorado Plateau. Or cultivate a family of experts by deep-diving Colorado’s hauntingly beautiful cliff dwellings for just a few days.

Used alone or together, these strategies will narrow your itinerary into deliciously bite-sized portions.

Sure, you’ll have to save something for next year. But you’d be coming back anyway, right?

Safe travels, and have fun as you head West with Kids!

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