It’s OK: If the Kids get Scuffed

If you feel an extra bounce in your step this month, it’s because Colorado is sucking up all the gravity. Sorry about that.  This time of year, a lot of things go downhill ’round here.

Including my kids.

I’d love to be one of those genuinely calm moms like my EMT friend, who can stay cucumber-cool while a child is gushing blood.  I’ve seen her do it, and I’m in awe.

But, no, I am one of those outwardly calm moms who is saying, “Great work, you’re so brave,” and “Can you squeeze my hand?” and “How many fingers am I holding up?” while my inner dialog is more along the lines of oh &*%$$## please don’t let it be an eye injury, where’s that blood coming from, and how the *&%%% am I going to get a kid to the ER in a blizzard and oh (&%%# why didn’t I put on the snow tires last October?

We did not need that trip to the ER, so it was a good day.

It’s OK: Today’s Takeaways
  • As noted here by the wise Darren Bush, you “minimize risk through planning, education and keeping [your] wits about [you].”
  • Ok, so I could have done a better job of risk management yesterday.
  • But all is well that ends well.
  • With that, the self-castigation needs to end.
It’s OK, Mama. Anything that can be cured with cuddles, Children’s Motrin, and mug cake is not a real emergency.

If the only injury children experience is repetitive motion syndrome from playing X-Box, our species is doomed. 

— Darren Bush

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