Try This at Home: Finding Happy Places

Enrichment is important, but I don’t want my girls to confuse Enriched with Happy.

Where and how to find a happy place, between homework and friends and art and yoga and swimming? Well, that’s the point.

The good news: a happy place may be right under your nose. Dragon Girl, for example, likes curbs, rocks, retaining walls, and pretty much anything elevated. She’ll be a natural for Parkour if I can ever bring myself to tell her it exists.

So, when she wants to explore an obstacle, I try to say “yes.”  It costs nothing but time — and very little of that — to make her truly happy for a whole morning.

It doesn’t have to be free-range, either. Every Wednesday morning, while the big kids are in assembly, we swipe a few minutes on the climbing wall at her sister’s school.

As a personal bonus, my child’s happy place requires me to let go. Because, call me a helicopter, but it’s very very very hard to watch my four-year-old freeclimb to twice her own height. Even though she’s still pretty short.

I love you to the top of that wall . . . and back.

Try This at Home: Today’s Takeaways

  • Celebrating my child’s happy place is a Good Thing.
  • Enrichment can happen perfectly well outside of enrichment classes.
  • I usually can spare 3 minutes to let her walk on the curb.
  • It’s good for me, too, to see her smile.

The village may think I’m crazy / Or say that I drift too far / But once you know what you like, well / There you are

-Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mark Mancina
“Where You Are”
from Disney’s Moana

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