It’s OK: To Have a Lousy Answer

I’m responding to a debate question framed by the remarkable Tammy at We Love Messes, in her blog entry entitled NWA:

There Are No Wrong Answers. Discuss.

Disagree. I respectfully submit that there’s always one wrong answer: no answer at all.

But what happens when you’re so stinkin’ wrung out that there’s neither joy nor fear to spark an answer? What happens when you can’t even pick up a pencil, let alone make a list of pros and cons?

At those times, I urge you to let go of something.

Don’t worry about whether it’s the right thing.

In fact, a desire to have an answer may be the very thing that needs to go.

“I can’t tell you,” says the elegant proprietor of my favorite consignment store, “how many women take something out of the closet, look at it, say, ‘Hmm, I just don’t wear this,’ or ‘Gee, I’ve never really liked this,’ and then put it back in the closet.

“I tell them,” she continues, gracefully gesturing with an empty clothes hangar, “that you have to take it out of the closet in order to get anywhere with a cleanup. You don’t have to give it away. But you have to start by at least taking it out.

My blogger sister has artfully trammeled this territory with a number of magnificent “letting go” posts, including, notably, this one.

So once you’ve let go, what comes next? What blossoms in a vacuum?

An answer blossoms, that’s what. It will. I promise.

It may be an incomplete, ill-conceived, semi-crappy answer, but that’s perfectly okay.

I’ve spent some time being rudderless. On one spectacularly low day, a nadir occurred in a parking lot. I was in my car. I’d parked my car.  I’d been in my car for, um, a few hours. I couldn’t just stay in my car forever.

So I came up with one answer: I opened the car door and put one foot on the ground.

Then I put the other foot on the ground.

Then I took a step.

Sometimes one foot is all you can lift. Toward what? Doesn’t matter. The motion itself is the answer. It may be the only answer you have.
Ill-conceived answer?
Incomplete answer?
Semi-crappy answer?
Sure, possibly all of the above.  But stasis . . . stasis is the wrong answer.

Resolved: Because stasis is the wrong answer, yes, wrong answers DO exist.

But not about shoes. You should always buy the shoes.

And then take one single step, in any direction at all.

One comment

  1. Serri, You are an incredible Word Weaver! You pull those thoughts out of your brilliant brain and NAME exactly what I suspect many of us are feeling. Thank you a million times over for sharing your words!!!~Tammy


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